Poseidon Pole Spear

$ 250.00

You want more speed? You want more power and punch? We have it.

We have ventured outside of the box to improve on the typical pole spear.

The Poseidon Pole Spear features innovative designs to bring you the ultimate pole spear, unmatched in performance, quality, and style. We have ventured outside of the box to improve on the typical pole spear. 

Designed with cutting edge 3D CAD software and backed by pure passion for a need to take something so simple and make it even better.

Our NEW Blue Water Camo Pole Spear is built with stainless steel tips and tails offering strength, durability and not to mention a lot of style. The Javelin shape of the spear coupled with the internal ballast system offers the power you need to tackle large prey. The newly designed grip offers comfort and enables you to load up the custom NTR power band. We couple the spear with our proprietary injector rod shaft and slip tips giving you the confidence you will land that trophy fish. 


The Poseidon Pole Spear features the following:

Poseidon Pole Spear Specs

  • 76″ (1.93M) Length without spring steel shaft
  • 87″ (2.21M) Length with 14.5″ (36.8cm) spring steel shaft
  • 112" with 36" heat treated spring steel shaft (slip tip) 
  • 106" with 30" heat treated spring steel shaft (slip tip or single flopper)


  • Variable Overall Lengths
  • Original “Javelin” Shape
  • Weight Forward Design Guarantees Power, Accuracy & Momentum
  • Larger Front Diameter Ensures Better Grip & More Comfort During Load
  • Stainless Steel Tip & Tail Equals Speed Plus Strength
  • Internal Ballast System Gives Balance
  • Different Length Spring Steel Shafts Available, Adjust Overall Length
  • Zero Flex While Under Load
  • Stealth Blue Water Camo Design
  • Custom made "NTR" Heavy-Duty, Power Band


  • Stainless Steel Tips & Tail Pieces
  • CAD Designed & CNC Machined
  • High Quality Spring Steel Heat Treated to R/C 41/43
  • Multi Bi-Axial Composite Shaft Construction
  • Premium Vinyl Ester Resin
  • Flex Epoxy Adhesives
  • Standard 5/16-24 Threading for Spring Steel Shaft
  • Unmatched Fit & Finish of Product
  • Custom made NTR Power Band
  • 500lb Spectra "Extra Stiff" leash for tip