Welcome to Poseidon Spears!

Poseidon Spears is a company solely dedicated to providing innovative spearfishing equipment to spear fishermen who refuse to compromise on the gear they use.

Our products are original designs that are intended to give you an added advantage in your hunt. They are built using top of the line materials providing users with flawless performance. Our customers are spear fisherman who desire the best tools available and also want deadly spears and beautiful equipment.

We believe you will like what you see here and our products, once experienced, will become staples in your arsenal of gear! Keep an eye out for more of our products soon to follow.

It's a new beginning... Now let's talk how it happened.

Poseidon Spears was created for all underwater hunters, from enthusiasts to the hardcore and commercial Spear fishermen alike. The sole purpose began with a strong desire to reinvent trigger-less spearfishing equipment capable of taking down big prey. Poseidon Spears have been tweaked and tortured until we were confident they could withstand the environments in which we hunt.                                                                   We are dedicated to your underwater experience and before making your next purchase for spearfishing equipment you owe it to yourself to try Poseidon Spears.